About me

As a Freelance Designer, Consultant and Stylist I’ve worked on a wild variety of creative projects for more than 20 years including: Costume Design and Styling in Film and TV, Clothing Design and Production, Event Organising, Creative Workshops and Consulting. I revel in attention to detail: whether it’s getting the fit absolutely right or making events run smoothly. Fashion, Design and Creativity are the core elements in all I do and Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion are the threads that run throughout all of my work.

My design philosophy is…

Waste isn’t Waste Until You Waste It. As designers we have to rethink our whole way of design thinking: Single use items should never be made of plastic – a material that takes hundreds of years to degrade used in a design or an item that is used for one – for 10 minutes?? In the Fashion Industry we have so much waste across all the sectors – In production stage, (cutting room waste) In the retail stage (billions of unsold items) and at the consumer stage (unworn items and mountains going to landfill) and in Costume Design I work with a number of Charities to make my department as sustainable as possible!


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